How Faith Fits In Around the World

13 stories from seven nations. Global accounts of how religion is lived, and how it shapes one’s sense of belonging as a citizen


Religion and Society offers fascinating insights into the way sacred and secular worlds interact in seven very different countries. Told through 13 personal accounts, the film offers a kaleidoscope perspective on world faiths and cultures.

What does India look like from the viewpoint of a Sikh? Does a Hindu see that country the same way? How does it feel to be a Muslim woman in Italy? Or in the UK? Does being a citizen of Hungary mean the same thing to a Jew as it does to a Roman Catholic Christian? What’s it like being a non-practicing Muslim in Morocco? Or a Waldensian Protestant in Italy? Or an observant Jew in Australia?

Different faiths, different states, different cultural contexts. But a shared vein of compassion and moral purpose. And a mutual need – often a struggle – for acceptance.

Suitable for all audiences, Religion and Society will interest anyone curious about world religions and cultures. It is designed to be of particular interest to educators, students and policymakers dealing with the topics of religious diversity governance and state-religion relations.

Viewing Options

The one-hour documentary is divided into eight chapters consisting of a general introduction and seven country chapters. Each country chapter begins with essential details describing the state’s religious and political profile. The participants then explain what their religious or humanistic faith means to them and how that affects the way they relate to their country.

The film can be watched as a whole or viewed in parts over multiple sessions.  After screening the general introduction, viewers can watch the chapters in any order they wish. Those wishing to dig deeper into the film’s central themes are encouraged to explore the other resources on the GREASE project website.

Film Chapters



Muslim     Humanist

Roman Catholic Christian     Jew

Observant Jew

Waldensian Protestant Christian


Eastern Orthodox Christian

Non-practicing Muslims

Hindu     Sikh     Tibetan Buddhist